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Shinkansen Trivia: The Doctor Yellow

August 20, 2023

Shinkansen Trivia: The Doctor Yellow

Some of you might have witnessed a bright yellow Shinkansen running on the tracks, and you might have wondered what it is. This iconic sight is none other than the "Doctor Yellow," a train dedicated to inspecting tracks and electrical systems. Officially known as the "Shinkansen Electric Track General Inspection Car," this vehicle stands out from the rest with its distinctive yellow body.

Rumors suggest that spotting the Doctor Yellow brings good luck and happiness, turning it into a symbol of fortune and gaining immense popularity.

Operating about once every 10 days, this unique train runs on the same tracks as the regular Shinkansen. It is often used for maintenance work during the night, which is why its eye-catching yellow color is selected. Although this train might sometimes be seen stationary on the platform, it's important to note that passengers cannot board it.

The striking yellow hue serves as a deterrent to prevent passengers from mistakenly boarding the vehicle. This measure ensures that passengers don't confuse it with a regular Shinkansen.