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10 Benefits to buy shinkansen tickets online from us

About Us: Shinkansen Ticket Online Booking

You can book Shinkansen/Bullet train tickets online here. We purchase tickets for you and deliver to your hotel. Reserve your tickets/seats without the hassle.

Here are 10 benefits comparing with the other ways.

Super Easy to Order Compared to Official JR Websites.

Have you tried ordering Shinkansen at official Japan Rail web sites? If not, go try it yourself. We tried both Japanese and English sites many times. Conclusion: a nightmare! That is the reason why we started this easy-to-use booking website for frustrated travelers like you to buy Shinkansen tickets online.

Why don't you just order from our easy booking site with international customers in mind? 

Oh, and, did we mention that even after you miraculously succeed ordering at official sites, you have to go and pick up your ticket at a station near-by?

Save Time and Enjoy Your Travel in Japan More.

Your time in Japan is priceless. Outsource boring Shinkansen ticket bookings to us, and enjoy fantastic cities in Japan more! You have to expect long lines at JR Travel Service Center at airports to obtain Japan Rail Pass by presenting your exchange orders, sometimes 90-minute line.

Securely Reserve Your Seats.

To reserve seats at the train station after arriving Japan could be a risky choice. Your family or group might end up sitting separately during the trip. Even worse, you might end up standing during peak periods. If you are a family/group traveler, we assume that you want to securely reserve your seats in the same space. Ask us to reserve seats before coming to Japan or train station. 

Train System in Japan is Complicated Even for Locals. Let Us Assist You. 

Sometimes we Japanese locals are confused which train to take, and which is cheaper. Let us handle the complicated part and present Shinkansen tickets in a way humans can understand. 

We Speak Fluent English.

Let's hope the ticket agents at the station understand your English! All of our ticketing specialists are natives of Japan who write and speak fluent English. Ask us anything, and we'll reply with English emails. 

Go to the Station Peacefully.

Going to the station with huge luggage and an important task to buy correct Shinkansen tickets before near the departure is very stressful. Get your tickets in advance and simply arrive at the station in peace, knowing you just have to get on the train.

Avoid Long Lines at Train Stations. Order from Home, Receive at Your Hotel.

It's the era of the great internet. Why do you want to waste time going to the station and buy tickets? Just order online from the comfort of your home. Your ticket will be waiting at your hotel.

We Only Charge a Small Fee.

If you reserve a ticket from outside of Japan using a travel agency, for example, JTB, the largest travel agency in Japan, you will be charged $75 per ticket! The $75 came from $55 service fee plus $20 courier fee to deliver your ticket to your hotel in Japan. We do it only for around $15~45 including courier fee!
* The JTB price was researched in 2011. 
You help yourself to decide what you want and we process your requests. We book many tickets for international customers like you every day so that we don't have to charge expensive booking fees for your Shinkansen tickets.

We Are Shinkansen Booking Experts

We don't sell Kimono and Geisha and train tickets. We specialize in Shinkansen ticket booking only*. Period. When you need help with Shinkansen ticket booking, you know who to ask! Let us help you to buy a Shinkansen ticket online.
*Please note that we do not offer JR Passes.

Securely Pay via Paypal or Credit Card.

It's scary to order from a web site you've never used. We feel the same. We accept Paypal payments so that you don't have to provide your credit card information directly to us. Give it to Paypal and we'll never know. And we don't need to know! Of course, we accept credit card payment as well. Choose your comfortable payment method.

About Us: Shinkansen Ticket Online Booking

You can book Shinkansen/Bullet train tickets online here. We purchase tickets for you and deliver to your hotel. Reserve your tickets/seats without the hassle.