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Shinkansen Tickets FAQ
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1. Ticket Types

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How will the Shinkansen tickets be provided? Our service offers two types of tickets:
  • Paper Tickets: Physical paper tickets delivered to your specified address
    • Travel date can be selected from at least 5 days in advance
    • Tickets will be delivered to your specified address
  • QR Voucher: A QR code with reservation information delivered via email.
    • Available for those departing within 4 days
    • Offered on specific routes
Do I get to choose the ticket type? Unfortunately, you cannot select the ticket type.
If the item is sold as a paper ticket, you must use the paper ticket. QR vouchers are limited to certain routes only.
Can I receive a QR voucher through email? Yes, if you have purchased a QR voucher, you will receive a QR code after your seat reservation is confirmed.
Please use this QR code at the ticket machine in the station to print your paper ticket before boarding.

2. Order

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How can I order Shinkansen tickets? Please refer to the From Purchase To Delivery Page for our service process.
I did not receive a confirmation email. Why? There are several reasons, including incorrect email address, spam filters, or technical issues. Please check your spam folder and contact us if necessary.
Can I cancel my order? Yes, please refer to our Refund Policy Page for details on cancellations.

Please send us an email by replying to the confirmation email or use the contact form from the Contact Page if you wish to cancel your order.

Can I return my ticket after receiving it? No, once the tickets are shipped, they cannot be returned or refunded.

If your travel plan changes, please visit a ticket desk at any JR train station with your ticket and ask for a change.

How many days in advance can I order? You can place an order for dates up to six months ahead. 
Note: We may not handle arrangements for certain trains during the year-end and New Year holidays.
What is the earliest date I can buy a ticket for? For paper tickets, order at least 5 days in advance. For QR vouchers, order up to 4 days in advance.
Can I order tickets for tomorrow? Only QR vouchers can be ordered for the next day. Orders can be placed until noon (JST) the day before the travel date.
Paper tickets require at least 5 days advance notice.
Can I make any seat requests during reservation? Yes, you can request specific seats like "window seat" or "last row seat" by leaving a message in the Note section during your order process, but availability is not guaranteed.
Is there a child fare? Yes, child fares are available for children aged 6-11. Children under 5 can travel free if seated on an adult's lap.
How can I know my car/seat number for my reserved ticket? Your car/seat number will be printed on your ticket. It is not mentioned in the confirmation email.
Is there a price table? No, please check the individual train item pages on our website for prices.
Do I have to buy a JR Pass separately if I purchase tickets here? No, the tickets we sell include both the ride and the express fare, so you can take the Shinkansen with these alone.

3. Payment

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What can I select as the method of payment? You can pay with your credit/debit card.
Which credit card can I use? We accept VISA, MASTER CARD, and AMERICAN EXPRESS.
Can I get a receipt for my payment? If you need a receipt, please let us know. We will send it via email in PDF format.
What is your Cancellation Policy? Please visit our Refund Policy Page for details.

4. Shipping (For paper tickets / Welcome Suica)

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What are the options for receiving my tickets? You can choose from airport pickup, hotel delivery, post office pickup, or international shipping.
When do you deliver my tickets? We ship items to your hotel or post office a week before your check-in or pickup date. For home addresses, items are sent within a few days after ordering.
How can I receive my tickets at my hotel? We ship items to your hotel a week before your check-in date for collection upon arrival.
How can I pick up my tickets at the post office? Please visit the post office counter during business hours with your ID to receive your items.
Can you send tickets to non-hotel addresses like Airbnb? No, we do not deliver to Airbnb addresses. Please choose post office pickup or international shipping.
Can I pick up my tickets at the airport? Yes, you can collect your items at a designated airport counter upon arrival.

Can you deliver my tickets to my home address outside Japan?

Yes, we can ship your items to your home address in your country for an additional charge.
You can see the exact shipping cost during the checkout process.

How long does it take to deliver my tickets to my country?

Please visit Japan Post Official Page for the standard delivery time to your country.

5. Ticket Usagae

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How should I use the Shinkansen ticket? Insert the ticket into the gate's slot. The ticket will come out on the other side; take it with you and keep it for exiting at your destination.
How should I use the QR Voucher? Scan the QR code at the ticket machine in the station to print your paper ticket before boarding.
Note: You cannot pass through the ticket gate with just a QR code.
What if I lose my ticket? Lost tickets cannot be reissued.
Please purchase a new ticket directly at the station.
What is the difference between a ticket and a QR Voucher? Paper tickets are physical and must be retained for the entire journey.
QR Vouchers need to be scanned at the ticket machine to print the paper tickets before boarding.

6. On The Day Of Travel

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How many hours prior to departure time should I be at the station?

Most of the Shinkansen depart on time.
We recommend being at the station at least 30 minutes prior to your departure time.

I missed my train. What should I do?

You can still use your ticket in an unreserved seat in an unreserved cabin of later trains on the same day.

*Restriction may apply to some trains and tickets.

My flight was delayed and I missed my train. Can I get a refund? We cannot be held responsible if you are unable to board your reserved train due to flight delays or any other reasons. Additionally, we are unable to provide refunds in such cases. 
Is there a number for lost and found if I left my wallet on the Shinkansen?

Yes, please contact the JR (Japan Railway) lost and found directly.
We are a travel agency and cannot assist with lost and found inquiries.

  • JR Central (Tokaido Shinkansen: Tokyo - Nagoya - Kyoto - Shin-Osaka)
  • JR West (Sanyo Shinkansen: Shin-Osaka - Okayama - Hiroshima - Hakata)
  • JR East (Tohoku Shinkansen: Tokyo - Sendai - Akita - Shin-Aomori - Shin-Hakodate Hokuto / Hokuriku Shinkansen: Tokyo - Karuizawa - Nagano - Toyama - Kanazawa)
How can I check for the latest information if my reserved train is suspended due to inclement weather?

The latest operational status of Shinkansen and JR express trains can be searched from the following links:

  • JR Central (Tokaido Shinkansen: Tokyo - Nagoya - Kyoto - Shin-Osaka)
  • JR West (Sanyo Shinkansen: Shin-Osaka - Okayama - Hiroshima - Hakata)
  • JR East (Tohoku Shinkansen: Tokyo - Sendai - Akita - Shin-Aomori - Shin-Hakodate Hokuto / Hokuriku Shinkansen: Tokyo - Karuizawa - Nagano - Toyama - Kanazawa)

You may be able to get a refund directly at the ticket counter at the station especially if your reserved train is confirmed to be cancelled, so please check at the station first.
For refund procedures for unused tickets, please visit this page.

7. Seats

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Can I change my seat after receiving tickets?

Yes, in most cases, you can. Please visit a ticket desk at the JR station or use the ticket vending machine to change your seat assignment before boarding your reserved train.

*Restrictions may apply for some trains.

    Can we have seats together?

    Yes, if you are a group of more than 2 people, your seats will be arranged together, so you don't need to ask us to request seats next to each other.

    I'm in a wheelchair. How can I be seated? We will assist you with a wheelchair-accessible seat. Please comment in the Notes section during checkout that you require wheelchair assistance.

    8. Luggage

    Question Answer
    Is there a luggage size limit on the Shinkansen? Each passenger can bring up to 2 pieces of luggage with less than 30 kg and shorter than 250 cm in three dimensions (length should not be more than 200 cm).
    Can I bring my bicycle on the Shinkansen?

    Bicycles are permitted if folded and stored in a bag, and they comply with the luggage restrictions.

    Is there a place to store oversized luggage? For the Tokaido Shinkansen only, reservation of seats for oversized luggage is required.
    • Tokaido Shinkansen (Tokyo - Nagoya - Kyoto - Shin-Osaka - Okayama - Hiroshima - Hakata):
      • Please book an oversized luggage seat by leaving a comment during checkout. We will arrange designated seats if available.
    • Other trains:
      • No special booking required. Place your luggage in the designated luggage area.

    9. Welcome Suica

    Please visit this page for the FAQ regarding Welcome Suica.