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Shinkansen Ticket Online Booking : Shin-Osaka to Tokyo (NOZOMI)

Departure date and train (time)

Earlier departure date tickets, please check the below:
From Tokyo to Shin-Osaka 【FAST SERVICE】
From Shin-Osaka to Tokyo 【FAST SERVICE】

Travel time is approximately 2 hours 30 minutes. An available train will be arranged for the selected time slot.

Seat type and Adult/Child

Seat Guide


If you are a group of more than two, your seats will be arranged together. We will inform you separately in case we cannot arrange seats together.

Ticket detail

  • Departure: Shin-Osaka
  • Arrival: Tokyo
  • Time:  2 hours 30 minutes~


  • Unreserved:
         You can have an available seat at non-reserved seat cars only.
  • Reserved
         You can have a reserved seat at reserved cars.
  • Green reserved
         You can have a business class seat at Green cars.

All seats will be reserved at non-smoking cars.


      Train type 

      • Nozomi (3 non-reserved seat cars)
             -Stops at major cities only


      Shinkansen Time table

      • The first train from Shin-Osaka to Tokyo: Depart Shin-Osaka at 6:00  - Arrive Tokyo at 8:23 (Nozomi No.200)
      • The last train from Shin-Osaka to Tokyo: Depart Shin-Osaka at 21:23 - Arrive Tokyo at 23:45 (Nozomi No. 64)

      QR Voucher Usage

      Issuing physical tickets at the JR station using the QR voucher is required.

      • You need to issue physical tickets directly at the JR station using the QR code.
      • For details about how to issue tickets from the QR voucher, please check [How to Pick Up Tickets Using QR Code] page.

      Important Notes

      • You cannot board the train with only the QR voucher. Please ensure you issue your physical tickets at the station ticket machine before boarding.
      • On the travel day, please go to the station with plenty of time to print your ticket, ideally, at least 30 minutes before the departure time.
      • Once the boarding time for the reserved train has passed, the QR code will become invalid.

      Ticket Pick-up / Delivery

      You can choose the following options for picking-up/receiving tickets:

      • Pick-up at Airport: You can pick-up your ticket(s) at Narita, Haneda, or Kansai Airport when you arrive in Japan.
      • Ship to your hotel in Japan: We will ship your ticket(s) to your hotel in Japan. You can pick up your ticket(s) when you check-in the hotel
      • Ship to your home country address: We will ship your ticket(s) to your home/company address via International Express mail with additional shipping fee. Please add International Shipping from here.
      • Pick-up at Post offices in Tokyo, Osaka, or Kyoto: We will ship your ticket(s) to the post office located near Tokyo Station, Shin-Osaka Station, or Kyoto Station. You can pick-up your ticket(s) by showing your ID (Passport).
      • Ship to your address in Japan: We will ship your ticket(s) to your address in Japan if you have one in Japan.

      For detail, please check [From Purchase to Delivery] page.

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