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Helpful Information for Non-Japanese Speakers Under Unforeseen Circumstances

October 05, 2018

Helpful Information for Non-Japanese Speakers Under Unforeseen Circumstances

Due to natural disasters struck Japan frequently this summer, there had been some delays and cancellation of Shinkansen. When these unforeseen accidents occur, tourists from outside Japan who don't speak Japanese often get left behind, since many of the announcements are often made in Japanese only.

Here, we have gathered information provided by Japan Railway which will help you find the latest status of the Shinkansen.


Latest train Operation status can be searched from these links:

List of train numbers will be shown in these links when cancelled or delay occurs. No special message will be shown when everything is on schedule.

JR Central (Tokaido Shinkansen: Tokyo - Kyoto - Shin-Osaka)

JR West (Sanyo Shinkansen: Shin-Osaka - Okayama - Hiroshima - Hakata)

JR East
(Tohoku Shinkansen: Tokyo - Sendai - Akita - Shin-Aomori - Shin-Hakodate Hokuto)
(Hokuriku Shinkansen: Tokyo - Karuizawa - Nagano - Toyama - Kanazawa)


Telephone-based Service is also available:

JR Central
+81-50-3772-3910 (or 050-3772-3910 from Japan)

Please press "3" while the guidance (in Japanese) is in operation. The operator will answer in Japanese, but there is an English speaking operator standing by, so please talk to the operator in English and ask for English translation. 

JR East 
+81-50-2016-1603 (English, Chinese and Korean) (or 050-2016-1603 from Japan)