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Goodbye, Doctor Yellow: A Shinkansen Legend Retires

June 13, 2024

Goodbye, Doctor Yellow: A Shinkansen Legend Retires

Have you ever heard of Doctor Yellow? This iconic Shinkansen train, said to bring happiness when spotted, has been cherished as a symbol of good luck by railway enthusiasts and regular Shinkansen passengers alike. Unfortunately, due to aging, Doctor Yellow is set to retire starting next year.

As mentioned in this article, Doctor Yellow runs approximately once every ten days on actual Shinkansen tracks, fulfilling its crucial role of checking the condition of electrical and track equipment.

Both JR Central and JR West each own one Doctor Yellow train. JR Central's train is scheduled to retire in January 2025, and JR West's train will follow after 2027.

Post-retirement, the inspection methods will shift to leveraging the latest technology. Regular Shinkansen trains will be equipped with inspection devices, allowing for inspections to be carried out during normal operations.

As Doctor Yellow prepares to make its final journeys, one can't help but wonder: what kind of happiness will come to those lucky enough to catch a glimpse of this iconic train before it retires? Perhaps, it will leave them with a special memory, a reminder of the magic and joy that Doctor Yellow brought to so many over the years.