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You can pick up your tickets at Tokyo Central Post Office (located next to Tokyo station)

February 16, 2017

You can pick up your tickets at Tokyo Central Post Office  (located next to Tokyo station)

As many customers begin their Shinkansen journey from Tokyo station, we have recently added a new option of receiving tickets at Tokyo Central Post Office, which is located right in front of Tokyo station (open 24hrs 365days).

This option will make it easier for those who do not stay at a hotel in Tokyo or those who make a ticket order at the last minute, to pick up their tickets safely, conveniently and atemporally.

How to Choose Pick Up at Tokyo Central Post Office

Please choose "Pick Up at Tokyo Central Post Office" at the "Ticket Delivery / Pick-up Information" section in your order page.
(Tickets should be ordered three days prior to the departure date as it takes one to two day to be delivered to the post office.)


Pick Up Location Overview

Location: Tokyo Central Post Office
(1-min. walk from Tokyo station, Marunouchi South Exit)

Business hours (for pick up): 24hours 365days

Please be aware that you will be asked to present something to identify yourself (e.g. your passport) in order to receive your parcel (tickets).

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