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Mt. Fuji, Climbing Mt. Fuji

Mt. Fuji pic

Most of the Japanese people desire to climb Mount Fuji once in their lifetime. Since it became one of the world heritage sites in 2013, Mt. Fuji became a more popular spot.

Today many visitors from all over the world visit Mt. Fuji for climbing. If you climb Mt. Fuji, there is no doubt that your memory of the trip to Japan will be unforgettable.

Access to Mt. Fuji

How to get Mt. Fuji from Tokyo by Shinkansen: Miyaguchi route (宮口)

From Tokyo to Shin-Fuji:

Take Shinkansen Kodama (こだま) from Tokyo station to Shin-Fuji (新富士).
There are three kinds of Shinkansen, Nozomi (のぞみ), Hikari (ひかり), Kodama (こだま) and Kodama stops more stations than others. Please be careful not to take Nozomi or Hikari. They don't stop at Shin-Fuji, which is located closest to Mount Fuji. It takes 70 minutes from Tokyo.

From Shin-Fuji to Mt. Fuji

From Shin-Fuji, take a bus called Fujikyuko bus (富士急行バス) to Fujinomiyaguchi Gogome (富士宮口五合目).
There are four main routes for climbing Mt. Fuji. This route is climbing Mt. Fuji from the south side. And it is the shortest route to the top. It’s the second popular route after Yoshidaguchi route. Climbing up and down are different routes, so it can be crowded on the path.


How to get Mt. Fuji from Tokyo by the limited express train: Yoshidaguchi route (吉田口)

From Shinjuku to Kawaguchiko

There are the limited express train, Fuji Excursion (富士回遊), from Shinjuku (新宿) in Tokyo to Kawaguchiko (河口湖) every day.

There are 2 trains on weekdays and 3 train on weekends/holidays from Shinjuku to Kawaguchiko. It takes less than 2 hours from Shinjuku to Kawaguchiko.



From Kawaguchiko to Mt. Fuji

From Kawaguchiko station, take a bus called Fujikyuko bus(富士急行バス) to Fuji Subaru line Gogome (富士スバルライン五合目). This route is the most popular route to climb. It can be crowded due to its popularity.

For train tickets to Shin-Fuji or Kawaguchiko, please check our train tickets to Mt. Fuji from here.

Climbing Mt. Fuji

Climbing Mt. Fuji

How to climb from Yoshidaguchi route (吉田口)

This route is the most popular route among visitors. There are more mountain lodges than other routes. Above reasons, for the first timers, this route is recommended. 

It takes 6-7 hours (without taking a break) to climb to the top. It takes 3.5 hours to go down.

If you would like to see the sunrise, you should start climbing around 3 pm and reach to the 8th level around 10 or 11 pm. You should take a rest at a mountain lodge for a few hours then start climbing to the top from at latest 2 am to see the sunrise.

The downward route is the different route from climbing. Sandy path can be very slippery. You should be careful not to hurt your knees. Also, be careful not to kick any rocks. Otherwise, someone walking below you may get hurt.

How to climb, What to prepare

The climbing route is well-arranged, but you need to wear appropriate climbing shoes and it's recommended to bring sticks especially if you have weak knees. And if you take the basic route, you just need to follow other people. But it's recommended to go slowly until your body gets used to high altitude. If you go fast, you may become high-altitude sickness. It’s recommended to spend an hour at the 5th level before you start climbing to get your body used to the high altitude.

Up to the seventh level, the climbing route is a gentle slope. But it becomes steep and rocky from the 7th level. You should not underestimate the climbing task to the top. Especially if you like to see the sunrise from the top, you need to climb while it's dark. So, you need to watch your footsteps carefully and put on the headlight to light your path.

In addition, you need to bring a fleece jacket for the temperature on the top. It's summer weather around 5th level, but it's like winter weather on the top in the early morning. The temperature can drop to below 0 degrees. If you are wearing only a T-shirt, you will be freezing. Please look at the list of items which it's recommended to prepare and bring. As you may be aware, there is always a risk of life climbing mountains, it's advisable to be well-prepared.

You should definitely check the weather forecast before you climb. The weather in the mountain can be quite different from the ground. It’s very dangerous to climb when it’s rainy or windy.

You should make a reservation for a mountain lodge if you would like to stay overnight.

Once again you should be well-prepared to climb Mount Fuji. Please do not underestimate the threat of nature. To make a fun trip, it’s recommended to research well for climbing. The climbing task is not easy, but for sure, when you accomplish this goal, your trip will be amazing and unforgettable.

Also, you should not throw away the trash in the mountain to preserve the environment.

Top of Mt. Fuji: Climbing Mt. Fuji

What to bring to climb Mt. Fuji

Here are recommended packing essentials

  • Towel
  • Water (at least 1 liter of water, 500ml plastic bottle x 2 pcs)
  • Hat
  • Snack (such as Power bar, Snickers) in case you get lost in the mountain, you should bring some food which can last for a few days.
  • Oxygen can spray (Oxygen is thin in the high altitude, so it will help you to breathe and give you some energy)
  • Bandana (it can be useful when you get injured etc.)
  • Headlight (headlamp)
  • Fleece jacket
  • Band-Aid
  • Sunscreen
  • Trash bag for your own trash
  • Rainwear (separate type is recommended)
  • Long sleeves shirt (dry type is recommended)
  • Sunglasses
  • Medicines (painkiller for headache and stomachache, antidiarrheic, etc.)
  • Some 100-yen coins for using the toilet (200 yen per use)
  • Sticks (to protect your knees)
  • Map of the route (in case you get lost)

When to climb Mt. Fuji

Mt. Fuji is open for climbing from July 10th to September 10th. Mountain lodge will be closed for offseason. So, you should not climb Mount Fuji offseason.

In case of emergency, from Fujinomiyaguchi route, please call Fujisan Sogo Shidou center (富士山総合指導センター) at 0544-22-2239.

From Yoshidaguchi route, please call Fujisan Gogome Sogo Kanri center (富士山五合目総合管理センター) at 0555-72-1477.

Trains to Mt. Fuji