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Smart Travel in Japan: SUICA and PASMO

July 22, 2019

Smart Travel in Japan: SUICA and PASMO

Smart IC cards for traveling in Japan

When traveling in Japan, you will see the IC cards used by local people at train stations and bus stops.

Railway companies originally developed these IC cards for paying fares in public transportation, but now they have electronic money functions. So, you can use them throughout Japan instead of cash. For example, you shop at a store, pay a taxi fare, use a coin locker and even buy soda from a vending machine with this IC card.

There are many types of IC cards in Japan, and you may see different ones by region. However, the most popular ones are SUICA and PASMO.



Transit IC card and electronic money issued by JR East

71.16 million cards have been issued by 2018

500yen deposit required

220yen charge for a refund

JR EAST official page (English)



Transit IC card and electronic money issued by private railways centered on Tokyo Metro.

36.28 million cards have been issued by 2018

500yen deposit required

No charge for a refund

Tokyo Metro official page (English)

Although different railway companies issue SUICA and PASMO, you can use them mutually. So, there is no particular problem with travelling in Japan regardless of which one you buy.

However, if you travel the region, SUICA is likely to be more compatible than PASMO in rural areas.


Also, you can easily buy them at machines in train stations with English guidance.



NEW!!  IC cards for inbound travelers

What bothers a bit for travelers is that both require a 500-yen deposit first and you have to refund before returning home.

There is good news.

JR East Japan and PASMO Co., Ltd. will launch a new IC card ticket aiming to improve the convenience of foreign visitors to Japan from September 1, 2019. Instead of a deposit, they set the expiration date for inbound customers. Also, by presenting the face of these cards, you will receive exclusive treatment benefits at some designated stores.


Welcome Suica

The design is white cherry blossom with a red background inspired by the Hinomaru, and after use, it can be taken home as a memorial.

Available for 28 days

The planned sales price is 1,000 yen to 10,000 yen per sheet.

 payment (charge) balance cannot be paid back

The planned sales locations are JR EAST Travel Service Center of each central station, Narita Airport Station and Airport 2nd Building Station.



Pasmo Passport

An illustration of the characters "Hello Kitty", "Cinamoroll" and "Pompomu pudding" from Sanrio Co., Ltd. is drawn on the background of sightseeing spots in Japan and can be taken back as a souvenir.

Available for 28 days

The planned sales price is 2,000 yen (including 500-yen issuance fee).

The planned sales locations are train stations at Narita Airport, Haneda Airport and some major stations.


Enjoy smooth travel !!

It's very hard to check your destination and buy tickets each times. Why don't you try one of  these IC cards when you come to Japan ?

Also, for long distance travel, you can book Shinkansen tickets here in advance.

We can purchase shinkansen tickets as early as possible and send them to your desired places. You can receive them in your home country, staying hotel or post offices in Narita Airport or major Shinkansen stations.

Time is money. Enjoy a smooth journey with your IC card and early booking without hassle!

Seat guide

Shinkansen seats are available in four levels depending on the comfort and services your require.

Ordinary Seat

Regular seats used on Reserved cars and Unreserved cars of Shinkansen. Consider it as "economy class" seat.

Green Seat

Better seats with more space than ordinary seats. All Green Seats are reserved only. Consider it as "business class" seats.

Reserved Seat (Ordinary Reserved Seat)

Your seat is reserved and secured when you book your tickets. Head to the station with a peace of mind.
Seats are the same as Ordinary Seat.

Green Reserved Seat

Better seats and free blankets. Popular among Japanese business persons, executives and people who values comfortable travel. Consider it as "business class" seats.

GranClass Seat

Know as "First Class" of Shinkansen seats. Only available on Hokuriku and Tohoku Shinkansen lines. Gran Class seats comes with airline-like amenities and meals.The most expensive of all.

Unreserved Seat

You can take any open seats in unreserved cars of any train on the departure date. (No departure time will be indicated on your tickets.)
The best seat type if your priority is the cost and are traveling during less-crowded season/time.



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