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Planning 1-day trip to Kyoto from Tokyo

March 01, 2017

Planning 1-day trip to Kyoto from Tokyo

If you plan 1-day trip to Kyoto from Tokyo, when do you have to leave Tokyo?
And, when do you have to leave Kyoto to come back to Tokyo?

What train should you choose to stay in Kyoto for the longest time?

If you take the first train from Tokyo or Shinagawa and take the last train from Kyoto,
you can stay in Kyoto approximately 13 hours.


Here is a timetable.

The first train from Tokyo to Kyoto leaves Tokyo station at 6:00am.
With this train, you can arrive in Kyoto at 8:08am.

If you leave from Shinagawa station, you can take earlier one.
The first train from Shinagawa leaves at 6:00am and arrives in Kyoto at 8:02am.
This is the earliest time you can arrive in Kyoto from Tokyo.

How about your return to Tokyo?

How late can you stay in Kyoto?

Kyoto night view

The last train from Kyoto to Tokyo or Shinagawa leaves at 21:37pm.
This bullet train arrives in Tokyo at 23:45pm or in Shinagawa at 23:38pm.

You can enjoy your dinner in Kyoto, but may not have enough time for drinking after dinner.

The last bullet train leaving Kyoto station departs at 22:46pm, but this one does not go to Tokyo.
Therefore, please be careful that if you miss the last train to Tokyo at 21:37,
you have to wait for the first train next day, which departs at 6:14am.

shinkansen the last train timetable


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