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Seamless Shinkansen Travel for Wheelchair Users

December 14, 2023

Seamless Shinkansen Travel for Wheelchair Users

Concerned about wheelchair accessibility when riding the Shinkansen?
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Wheelchair Accessibility on the Shinkansen

In the past, the number of dedicated wheelchair seats on each Shinkansen was extremely limited, typically around two seats per train.

However, in preparation for the Tokyo Olympics scheduled for 2020 (which ultimately became a spectator-less event...), efforts were made to increase the number of wheelchair seats to approximately 10 per Shinkansen.
This enhancement has created a more accessible environment for individuals using wheelchairs to travel on the Shinkansen.

JR station staff offers valuable assistance for a seamless Shinkansen experience when boarding and disembarking for wheelchair users. Their support includes guiding through station facilities, providing ramp or elevator assistance during boarding, and ensuring a safe exit from the train.
To optimize this assistance, it is highly advisable to proactively request help in advance, allowing staff to cater to specific needs and ensuring a comfortable and efficient journey.

You have two booking options:

  1. A seat for a wheelchair
  2. A spot in the last row of cabins

Your choice depends on your wheelchair's type and size, so make sure to check the allowed dimensions for Shinkansen travel.

For non-foldable wheelchairs meeting regulations* (max dimensions of 120 cm in length or height and 70 cm in width), consider reserving a designated wheelchair seat and placing your wheelchair next to yours.

*Note: Wheelchair regulations on the Shinkansen restrict dimensions to 120 cm (length or height) and 70 cm (width).

If your foldable wheelchair fits within 250 cm (height + width + length limited to 2 meters), you can reserve a seat in the last row and stow your wheelchair behind it.

Where to Find Shinkansen Accessibility Information

For detailed accessibility information on each Shinkansen, visit the following pages:

How to Make Bookings for Wheelchair Seats

You can reserve your seats by:

  1. Visiting a JR Ticket Office ("Midori no Madoguchi" in Japanese).
  2. Calling the relevant Japan Railway company (JR Central, JR East, JR West, JR Kyushu, or JR Hokkaido) for your Shinkansen.

Although many wheelchair tourists visit JR Ticket Offices upon arrival, reserving seats by phone before leaving home can be more convenient.
JR Central and JR East have an English-speaking contact.

Contact Lists:

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However, making a sudden call to an unfamiliar railway company in a foreign country to reserve wheelchair-accessible seats might be quite challenging.
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