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If You Go to Kyoto in November, Please Book Shinkansen Tickets ASAP.

October 13, 2016

If You Go to Kyoto in November, Please Book Shinkansen Tickets ASAP.

Kyoto in autumn, especially in November

Though November is not a peak season in Japan as described here, Kyoto is one of the exceptional destinations.

A lot of Japanese and international people visit Kyoto in autumn for beautiful red and yellow trees. Visiting Kyoto in autumn is a kind of must for people who love Kyoto and many go there every year.

Look at the photos from Google image search for "Kyoto November". You'd be amazed by colored leaves with historical architecture and understand why Kyoto in autumn is so popular.

The exact timing and peak of tree leaves turning color changes every year. It is said that it starts at the end of October and ends on early December. However, it may start earlier or later and end earlier and later. Most people choose November and mid November is the peak period.

Shinkansen from/to Kyoto in November

It is hard to book Shinkansen and accommodation during those period.

Japan Railway company, so-called JR, accepts Shinkansen reservation for days from today to a month from today. Today, October 13th, we bought the tickets for November 13th and found that more than half of reserved seats for November 13th are sold out for that Shinkansen. In other words, more than half of reserved seats tickets were sold within a half-day! All of two-seater side, which is also Mt. Fuji side, were sold out. 

If you go to Kyoto in November, please book tickets ASAP. We process orders as fast as we can, but you might need to compromise Shinkansen time to get available tickets. The below are the links to purchase from/to Tokyo to/from Kyoto.

Shinkansen Ticket Online Booking : Tokyo to Kyoto
Shinkansen Ticket Online Booking : Kyoto to Tokyo

By the way, "kyo 京" means capital in Chinese character. The meaning of "Tokyo 東京" in Chinese character is the East Capital and that of "Kyoto 京都" is the Capital. Yes, Kyoto had been the capital before Tokyo. 

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