Shinkansen Ticket Online Booking : Reserve Without the Hassle 

Select your ticket(s)

1st step you do to purchase ticket(s) is to select ticket(s).

For Shinkansen/bullet train ticket,

you can find [FROM City] category at the navigation menu on the top of the page.

- Go to [SHINKANSEN TICKET] at the navigation menu

- Choose your departure city from [FROM CITY] category

You will see all tickets from CITY you choose. Then,

- Select one for your arrival city

You will see details of the selected ticket.

- Choose Seat type

- Choose Train type
   If you have no idea about Train type, please read TICKET DETAIL.

- Choose your departure date
   Please choose your preferred departure date and time.
   We will prepare the best ticket for your preferred departure date.

- Choose quantities

- Click [ADD TO CART] button