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Snow Fun via Shinkansen: Gala Yuzawa Ski Resort

November 08, 2023

Snow Fun via Shinkansen: Gala Yuzawa Ski Resort

GALA Yuzawa is a ski/snow board resort located in Minamiuonuma-gun, Niigata Prefecture, directly connected to the "GALA Yuzawa Station" of the Joetsu Shinkansen, which links Tokyo and Niigata. With just about 75 minutes of travel from Tokyo, the accessibility is outstanding.

Since the station is directly linked to the ski resort, it's a great recommendation even for foreign tourists who want to enjoy skiing/snow boarding on a day trip.

The operation for the 2023-2024 season is scheduled to begin on Saturday, December 16th 2023.

A coexistence of a train station and ski resort facilities within a single building.

Charm of GALA Yuzawa Ski Resort - Part 1: Excellent Accessibility

The biggest allure of GALA Yuzawa is undoubtedly its superb accessibility. It's connected to the "GALA Yuzawa" station of the JR Joetsu Shinkansen, which connects Tokyo and Niigata. This unique ski resort right in front of the station makes it a convenient destination for those who don't drive or own a car, and it's highly recommended for anyone looking for an easy-to-reach ski experience.

(Note: GALA Yuzawa Station and the ski resort are open only during the winter to spring ski season)

Charm of GALA Yuzawa Ski Resort - Part 2: Comprehensive Rental Services

GALA Yuzawa offers an extensive range of rental equipment, allowing you to hit the slopes without bringing your own ski/snow board gear. Since same-day rentals can get crowded, we recommend making advance reservations online. Of course, on-the-day rentals can be paid for with credit cards as well.

Charm of GALA Yuzawa Ski Resort - Part 3: Perfect Snow Conditions

Given the proximity to Tokyo, with a travel time of as short as 75 minutes by Shinkansen, you might wonder about the snow conditions. However, this is snow country Niigata we're talking about. Both the snowfall and snow quality are impeccable. While there might be areas with more snowfall and higher-quality snow if you travel even farther, considering the convenience of access and the amount and quality of snow, GALA Yuzawa proves to be an excellent choice in terms of cost-performance.

Charm of GALA Yuzawa Ski Resort - Part 4: Family-Friendly

GALA Yuzawa is well-equipped with rental items for children, including wear, boots, snowboards, skis/snow boards, and sleds, making it possible for families with children to visit empty-handed. The resort features a "Yuki Asobi Park," an area where even young children can play safely without worrying about their surroundings. Moreover, the "Yuki Asobi Park" has snow escalators that serve as a substitute for lifts, allowing even small children to easily ascend.

Charm of GALA Yuzawa Ski Resort - Part 5: Onsen (Hot Springs)

"GALA no Yu," an onsen (hot spring) facility, is attached to GALA Yuzawa. After sweating it out on the slopes while skiing or snowboarding, who wouldn't want a refreshing shower? Having that shower in an onsen is truly exceptional. Not only does GALA Yuzawa offer onsen, but there are also facilities like a fitness pool for swimsuit use, open-air jacuzzis, and a pool for children. These facilities cater to families, couples, friends, and more, making it a diverse and enjoyable destination. 

For more details, visit: GALA Yuzawa Offical Page


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*Exception dates - December 27th, 2023 to January 8th, 2024

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